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Dr. Vaughan and one of Delhi Dental's hygienist laughing with a female patient

The Delhi Difference


No judgment here. We listen. We empathize. We meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go.

Dr. Vaughan talking with a patient while holding a tablet


A trip to the dentist can be intimidating. Not here. We help you relax, smile, and enjoy your time with us.

Dr. Vaughan and a patient smiling and laughing


We love our patients, and we love what we do. And that kind of positivity is absolutely contagious.

Dr. Vaughan greeting a female, middle-aged patient at the doors of Delhi Dental
Greenery in the office of Delhi Dental


Delivering comprehensive oral health solutions and clinically excellent dentistry starts with a dentist who is committed to always doing what’s best for each patient. That defines Dr. Vaughan.

Dr. Vaughan walking a patient through a set of implants

We look forward to meeting you.
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